Gridwall Picture Frame Hook


  • Available in black, chrome, & white
  • Attaches to gridwall panels
  • Ideal for displaying:
    • Pictures
    • Framed
    • artwork
    • Clocks
    • Dry erase boards
    • And other items

Briefly read more about their rich features below:

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Gridwall Picture Frame Hooks in Dallas, TX

Are you looking to elevate your display or retail space? Our Gridwall Picture Frame Hooks offer a versatile and practical solution for showcasing your artwork, photographs, or products. Whether you’re a professional artist, a retailer, or simply want to organize your space more effectively, these hooks provide the perfect platform.

Why Gridwall Picture Frame Hooks are the Retailer’s Best Choice?

  • Versatility and Durability :

Gridwall Picture Frame Hooks are designed to fit into standard gridwall panels, offering incredible versatility. Easily rearrange and adjust your display to suit changing needs, whether it’s paintings, prints, or merchandise. Crafted from durable materials, they securely hold items without bending or breaking, ensuring your displays remain intact even in high-traffic areas.

  • Easy Installation and Space Optimization:

Installation is quick and hassle-free; simply slot them into your gridwall panels. This easy setup allows you to change your display layout as often as you like without any fuss. By utilizing vertical space, you can maximize your display area, showcasing more items without clutter. Whether you’re in a small gallery or a bustling retail store, these hooks help you make the most of available space. Plus, if you’re buying display cases, these hooks are a great addition!

Customization Options and Affordability

  • Customizable

Personalize your display with various finishes to complement your aesthetic, whether it’s sleek chrome, classic black, or a vibrant color. With customization options, you can make your display uniquely yours.

  • Affordable Solution

Creating an eye-catching display doesn’t have to break the bank. Gridwall Picture Frame Hooks offer an affordable solution for showcasing your items. With reasonable pricing and long-lasting durability, they’re an excellent investment for any space.

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