Black Metal Framed Rolling Slatwall Gondolas without shelves

  • Durable frame designed with black metal 
  • Movable and capable of rolling  
  • Adjustable slatwall layout  
  • Designed to a variety of environments  
  • No shelves for flexible storage options 
  • Two inside panels measure 48 1/2″W x 49 3/8″ H
  • Two end panels measure 24″ W x 49 3/8″ H
  • Assembly required


The Black Metal Framed Rolling Slatwall Gondolas with no shelves provide a flexible storage and display option. These gondolas, which are made of strong metal frames and have moving wheels, are durable and adaptable for arranging things in places like workplaces, factories, or even homes. Their slatwall design is modular, allowing for the attachment of hooks, baskets, or other accessories to accommodate a variety of storage needs and preferences.